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Recruitment information
Recruitment content, position and requirements:
First, the recruitment position: sales engineer
(No responsibility to pay the basic salary of 2500 + commission + bonus + bonus average monthly income 5000-12000 yuan)
Recruitment number: 2-3 people
description of job; 
1, a comprehensive grasp of the company's product information, responsible for the promotion of the company's products;
2, responsible for the development of new customers through the network and telephone;
3, to communicate with customers, the establishment of customer relationships and tracking, to provide support and technical advisory services
4, proficient in the use of the Internet to promote various promotional channels to enhance the effective flow of the site;
5, to complete the relevant leadership arrangements related work.
6, chemical, environmental engineering graduates priority.
Job Requirements: 
1, college and bachelor degree or above, more than one year sales experience;
2, marketing or environmental engineering related professional;
3, have a strong ability to communicate and coordination;
4, with independent business negotiation skills, good at looking for customers, good at capturing customer psychology;
5, can be hard-working, a sense of responsibility, a team spirit of cooperation.
6, excellent graduates may also consider.
Second, the recruitment positions: network maintenance staff
Salary: Negotiable
Number of recruits: 1 person
Job description and requirements:
1, to penetrate Baidu, Google search engine rules, familiar with baidu, google optimization and ranking skills and principles, can use technical means to improve site ranking, standard Baidu snapshot time, increase site traffic;
2, familiar with a variety of network promotion means; to develop their own network marketing programs, and to monitor and participate in the implementation of the program;
3, the website alexa ranking, traffic principle, familiar with the search engine, keywords, PPC, exchange links and other network promotion business, good use of a variety of ways to quickly improve the site ranking, traffic;
4, proficient in SEO, familiar with the use of SEO tools, keywords can be optimized for a reasonable content design, improve work efficiency;
5, can carry on the deep analysis to the keyword, carry on the specification to the website key words;
6, a good text skills, planning, analysis, requires a certain amount of soft paper requires writing;
7, learning ability, resilience, can be hard-working, have a certain ability to compress;
9, familiar with Alibaba, Baidu promotion skills
1. To understand marketing, have had environmental protection or chemical industry work experience is preferred.
More than one year working experience in the same position.
Third, the recruitment positions: product technical support
Recruitment number: 2 people
Job description and requirements:
1, more than one year related work experience;
2, environmental engineering related professional, college and bachelor degree or above;
3, responsible for the company's product technical advisory services, to provide customers with technical solutions;
4, responsible for the company to provide technical guidance and training sales;
5, responsible for customer water samples, laboratory work;
6, learning ability, hard-working, responsible, team spirit;
7, engaged in water treatment pharmaceutical industry priority admission;
8, subject to the company work arrangements.
9, excellent graduates may also consider, training for R & D personnel.
Salary: Negotiable
Above job benefits:
1, enjoy the statutory holidays;
2, for the staff to buy five insurance a gold;
3, to provide superior accommodation conditions;
4, each year according to the company's performance, enjoy the rich end of the year award;
5, to provide staff with comprehensive training and fair promotion opportunities;
6, the annual salary increase of about 20%;
7, from time to time to organize a variety of outdoor development, tourism and other activities.
 8, excellent graduates may also consider.
Company Address: Guangzhou Nansha District Jinlong Road on the 26th Olympic Park Jin Sha Plaza Ginza 408,409 room
Contact: Miss Ning
Tel: 020-39390160 Fax: 020-84956611
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